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About Us

Contromat ltd. is an instrumentation and valves distributor for the Israeli industrial and municipal market.
The company is an owner managed business, in permanent growing.
Contromat staff has more than 30 years of experience in instrumentation and control giving solutions and support to the local industry.
Our services start with giving technical support to select the right product for the application, and includes start up, installation, commissioning, training, local warranty and after sales support.
Keeping a local stock of products and spare parts to solve urgent customer needs as well having a high efficiency logistic department, we import, customize, and integrate products from our suppliers.
We represent top manufacturing instruments companies which supplies instruments to the chemical, Petro-chemical, gas, food & beverage, power, HVAC, pharma, semiconductor, water, and waste-water industries.
Company's office is located at Tel-Aviv area, including meeting room. Territory coverage is all the country from the north (Golan heights) to south (Eilat).
We have an advanced laboratory for testing, repairing and re-calibration of equipment.

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