On-Site Commissioning

Our service department will be glad to assist with the first field commissioning.
We will setup, start-up and preform a functionality test.

Warranty & Repair

Our products are manufactured by the leading vendors worldwide and each one has warranty.
If an instrument has a malfunction, we will fix it, or supply an alternative unit.

Calibration & Site Survey

We offer calibration and site survey services.
After a site survey, we will generate a professional report.

Professional Training

We organize a customized training courses at the customer site or at our offices.
Short training of some hours to a complete instrumentation course of 50 hours.
The course includes theorical physical and chemist explanation, available technologies explanation, product selection and hands-on practical training.

Laboratory and Support

Contromat facility has a fully equipped Laboratory and workshop. When needed, our service team will perform diagnosis and repair faulty instruments using only original parts.

We will be happy to help you with any technical support. Please contact our service department using the following form.

For more information or service claim – Please fill the form: