Who are we

Contromat Ltd. is a process instrumentation and valves distribution company founded by Barak Paz and Adriel Weinberg, who have over 35 years of combined professional experience in the field.

Field of activity

Sizing, selection, import, marketing, supply, and service of control valves and measuring instruments for the process industry, controlled manufacturing plants, laboratories, and research institutes.


Providing comprehensive solutions to the customer, assisting in selecting the right product for the application, providing uncompromising quality equipment, efficient, professional service, and support throughout the life of the product.


We represent leading companies manufactures valves, sensors, transducers, data loggers, controllers and automation equipment for a variety of industries.


Our customers includes - chemical, petro-chemical, gas, food, energy, HVAC, pharmaceuticals, water and waste-water industries. Universities, research institutes and defense industry.

Customer focused

After many years of experience, know-how and adapting suitable equipment to the customer and application, Contromat team is interested in personal meeting with customers for precise selection to match the perfect solution while meeting the budget - even in the simplest applications! We look forward to visiting you!

Our vision

To develop with our customers a reliable, open relationship based on listening to needs and providing a unique experience while providing innovative, advanced and quality products, perfect service and complete technical support. We believe that integrity, professionalism, service, respect and excellence are the key to success and fruitful cooperation.

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